From windshield to CD slot, Koomus offers variety of car mounting solutions for each individual's preferences.
Our mission is to provide convenience to users regardless of vehicle shape or function.
Not only providing different type of mounts, but you can also choose from different design and functionality.
Whenever you're using your smartphone with GPS app or listening to music,
our RoadPro mount series will accompany you while providing maximum security for holding your smartphone or tablet device.
Find out more about our new RoadPro mount series in different models and functionality. 


Introducing – our new RoadPro Series!

July 24, 2015

Introducing – our new RoadPro Series! The RoadPro series is finally here, and it brings with it new perspectives on device mounts for your vehicle. The idea behind it is simple – improve efficiency and reduce clutter without sacrificing the functionality and reliability you’ve come to expect from Koomus. Our sleek new design brings a minimal aesthetic that allows you to access more of your cabin without losing out on stability or security for your devices. The silicone finished surface is perfect for holding onto your phone, and the reinforced 360 degree ball head allows you to angle your phone any way you’d like. You no longer need to worry about that pesky glare on your screen, repositioning is a one-hand job and can be done... Continue Reading →

Rideshare Apps and the On-demand Labor Market

June 19, 2015

Ridesharing company, Uber, was recently in the news because a California court ruled that one of its drivers was an employee, not an independent contractor. The app-driven startup is appealing the decision because it could have costly implications. While the company is valued at an enormous $50 Billion, if their labor on-demand business model is changed to a more traditional permanent employee business model, the company will have to pay a lot more taxes plus expenses like gas and benefits to its employees. Connecting passengers with drivers by use of smartphones is just one example of how mobile technology is changing how we work, and stirring up controversy along the way.Allowing us to become much more efficient, technology has given... Continue Reading →


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