July 24, 2015

Introducing – our new Koomus Pro Series!

Introducing – our new Koomus Pro Series! The Koomus Pro series is finally here, and it brings with it new perspectives on device mounts for your vehicle. The idea behind it is simple – improve efficiency and reduce clutter without sacrificing the functionality and reliability you’ve come to expect from Koomus. Our sleek new design brings a minimal aesthetic that allows you to access more of your cabin without losing out on stability or security for your devices. The silicone finished surface is perfect for holding onto your phone, and the reinforced 360 degree ball head allows you to angle your phone any way you’d like. You no longer need to worry about that pesky glare on your screen, repositioning is a one-hand job and can be done on the fly. With Koomus Pro, we’ve gone universal. The stretchable holder can extend to fit devices from 2.25” to up to 3.4” in width – we’re now compatible with all iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and all other smartphones.  
Learn more about the Koomus Pro Series
For our Koomus Pro CD Slot Car mount, innovation comes at the push of a button. Our new push button system allows for easy installation and removal. No more struggling to find the best angle - simply push, secure, and enjoy.
Check out the Koomus Pro CD Slot
Don’t forget about the Koomus Pro Dashboard & Windshield Car mount, we’ve added a new one-touch lever that allows for easy re-attachment. Finally, you can find just the right spot to place your mount without a difficult attachment and detachment process. Our brand new 3M Gel Pad also allows for easy cleaning and re-attachment to ensure your mount has staying power.
Check out the Koomus Pro Dashboard & Windshield
The Koomus Pro Headrest Tablet mount can be configured exactly to your specifications. With the 360 degree ball head, height adjustment slide, and rotatable base, the Koomus Pro Headrest Tablet mount will always be in the position you need it to be – whatever that position may be. The 3-slot latch system and extra silicone spacer make sure the mount stays securely attached so you’re free to enjoy your tablet.
Check out the Koomus Pro Headrest Tablet

We’re thrilled to bring you the exciting new Koomus Pro series. Koomus Pro – For any road you meet.
June 19, 2015

Rideshare Apps and the On-demand Labor Market

Ridesharing company, Uber, was recently in the news because a California court ruled that one of its drivers was an employee, not an independent contractor. The app-driven startup is appealing the decision because it could have costly implications. While the company is valued at an enormous $50 Billion, if their labor on-demand business model is changed to a more traditional permanent employee business model, the company will have to pay a lot more taxes plus expenses like gas and benefits to its employees. Connecting passengers with drivers by use of smartphones is just one example of how mobile technology is changing how we work, and stirring up controversy along the way.

Allowing us to become much more efficient, technology has given rise to a new on-demand labor market. In fact, the number of independent contractors is expected to reach 40% of the workforce by 2012, according to digital magazine Quartz. While being employed when a company needs you is better than losing your job entirely because your tasks were replaced by software automation, there are serious downsides to this form of employment. Besides lack of healthcare and other employee benefits, some of the major problems with on-demand labor are: instability, income unpredictability, lack of structure/no set hours, and difficulty planning for a long-term career. In this New York Times article where Robert B. Reich, an economist at the University of California was interviewed, he said, “This on-demand economy means a work life that is unpredictable, doesn’t pay very well and is terribly insecure…most would much rather have good, well-paying, regular jobs.” The best defense of using an on-demand labor business model can best be summarized in a recent quote released by Uber in response to the recent California court ruling against them. As reported by engadget, “It's important to remember that the number one reason drivers choose to use Uber is because they have complete flexibility and control. The majority of them can and do choose to earn their living from multiple sources, including other ride sharing companies.”

No matter which side you are on, the sharing economy seems to be here to stay and the fast rise and growth of on-demand ridesharing companies like Uber, Lyft and Via are the proof. If you are as interested in these types of companies as we are, check out this article published by techrepublic.comthat lists and provides information on ten rideshare apps.

Tell us what you think about the on-demand labor market and how mobile technology is changing how we work.


February 17, 2015

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Koomus Magnetos Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount for Air vent


Want to know about one of the latest technologies to be installed in your car? Holding your smartphone and talking on endless calls has never been this easy! The Koomus Magnetos magneticsmartphone car mount for air vent is here to solve all your smartphone handling problems. This groovy magnetic mount enables you to attach your smartphone to the car’s air vent without any struggle. You will be able to answer important calls and have your phone right in front of your eyes with this magnetic mount.


What is amazing about the Koomus Magnetos magnetic mount is its compatibility with any smartphone. Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy or your favorite Lumia, you will be able to attach it to the magnetic mount and have your phone floating in midair. This magnetic mount comes with the easy Snap on and easy Snap off function. This magnetic mount ensures a better experience dealing with your smartphone while driving. The mounting system is also easy to remove and easy to attach. You do not require any specific tools to attach your mount on the car’s air vent. Rather, you get to clip it on any kind of air vent. That’s right! The Koomus magnetic mount can be attached to horizontal, vertical and even circular air vents on the car. Compatibility has been taken to a whole new level with this amazing technology!


You will be able to attach every piece of the mounting set onto the car’s air vent within three seconds. How cool is that! The Koomus magnetic mounting set contains 1 Magnetic mount and two inserting plates. The reason there are two plates is to provide ease to all kinds of customers. The first plate is for smartphones without covers and the second plate is for the smartphones with covers. You will be able to attach the mount easily without prior experience. Also, the product comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. What can be easier to install and amazing to use as this? 

October 15, 2014

The Koomus BikeGo 2 Smart Phone Bike Mount

The Koomus BikeGo 2 smartphone bike mount is an affordable yet essential accessory to have for securing your device when out and about cycling. Designed for both cycling and motorcycling enthusiasts alike, we have created this specific bike mount to be universal, meaning that it can hold a range of devices such as wide smart phones (up to 3.5 inches wide), GPS and iPods. Not only limited to bikes, it will also fit on motorcycle handle bars of up to 1.5 inches.



Easy to Install and very secure

The installation only consists of one simple step. It grips nice and tight on the handle bar, which ensures that it’ll keep your device safe from falls. It also contains a flexible grip and elastic rubber band holder to easily adjust the size when affixing onto the handle bar.

Safety Features

The holder on the bike mount itself is simple to use and it stretches from 2.26 inches right to 3.42, which has been created to fit all types of Smartphone, from the popular iPhones to Samsung Galaxies. In addition to this, it also features a 360 degree rotatable ball head to steadily set the angle you wish to have on your device. We have also designed it with a safety grip on the holder plus a handy safety pin to further secure your device’s head phone socket.


How it measures up

Our new Koomus Bikego 2 smartphone bike mount is a fantastic piece of kit to have, especially for the serious biker. We are aware of the many types of smartphone bike mounts out there on the market; however you’ll struggle to find another smartphone bike mount of the same quality that we offer - especially one with such a very secure, easiest to install and adjustable design at this great price.