Koomus Magnetos Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount for Air vent


Want to know about one of the latest technologies to be installed in your car? Holding your smartphone and talking on endless calls has never been this easy! The Koomus Magnetos magneticsmartphone car mount for air vent is here to solve all your smartphone handling problems. This groovy magnetic mount enables you to attach your smartphone to the car’s air vent without any struggle. You will be able to answer important calls and have your phone right in front of your eyes with this magnetic mount.


What is amazing about the Koomus Magnetos magnetic mount is its compatibility with any smartphone. Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy or your favorite Lumia, you will be able to attach it to the magnetic mount and have your phone floating in midair. This magnetic mount comes with the easy Snap on and easy Snap off function. This magnetic mount ensures a better experience dealing with your smartphone while driving. The mounting system is also easy to remove and easy to attach. You do not require any specific tools to attach your mount on the car’s air vent. Rather, you get to clip it on any kind of air vent. That’s right! The Koomus magnetic mount can be attached to horizontal, vertical and even circular air vents on the car. Compatibility has been taken to a whole new level with this amazing technology!


You will be able to attach every piece of the mounting set onto the car’s air vent within three seconds. How cool is that! The Koomus magnetic mounting set contains 1 Magnetic mount and two inserting plates. The reason there are two plates is to provide ease to all kinds of customers. The first plate is for smartphones without covers and the second plate is for the smartphones with covers. You will be able to attach the mount easily without prior experience. Also, the product comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. What can be easier to install and amazing to use as this?